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Dentures & Bridges

Missing teeth cause more problems than you may think. Your mouth is designed to function as a cohesive unit, with each tooth responsible for part of the workload. When even one tooth is lost, remaining teeth must compensate, so they shift out of position to function properly. This can cause misalignment of the bite, which may lead to jaw joint pain, teeth grinding, and cosmetic concerns. Statistics show that if a tooth is not replaced, more teeth are likely to be lost.

Dr. Skatvold and Dr. Johnson offer the following solutions for teeth replacement:

A crown-and-bridge system replaces one tooth or a few teeth in a row. The fixed appliance anchors to crowns placed on healthy, existing teeth.

A partial replaces multiple missing teeth on the upper or lower arch. Partials can be fixed or removable, and they normally attach to existing teeth with inconspicuous clasps.

Dentures replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch. A row of teeth secured to a gum-colored base fits onto the gums, secured by natural suction or denture adhesive. For the most dependable denture, our dentists recommend implant retention. Dental implants are small posts placed into the sockets left by missing teeth. A denture can be fitted with snaps to attach to the implant posts.

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